DVE Tele-immersion Room (The Ultimate Telepresence) Debuts at Telepresence World

2007.06.04 by John Serrao

Contact: Jeff Machtig
Phone: (949) 347-9166
Telepresence World, San Diego, CA -(June 4, 2007)

DVE announced today the launch of the ultimate telepresence experience - the groundbreaking DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM - which is available for world preview at the Telepresence World Conference being held in San Diego. Offering dramatic 3-D holographic appearing images of participants in perfect HD, the DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM shows people sitting and walking around meeting rooms as if they were just across the table, providing an exciting new level of realism to the teleconferencing experience.

"We developed the DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM to meet the growing demand for ultrarealistic conferencing. The systems currently on the market that use multiple plasma panels come with high price tags and too many drawbacks. With over a decade of development, DVE's patented, immersive technology, industry knowledge and technical expertise have now enabled a high-end tele-immersion experience that is closer to real life and more cost-effective," said Jeff Machtig, co-founder of DVE.

Tele-immersion is the next frontier of conferencing. Industry analysts were predicting its availability in the year 2020, but the launch of DVE's Tele-Immersion Room has fundamentally shifted the expectations of what telepresence is and can be. The "room" represents the ultimate in telepresence, with conference participants appearing to actually enter into a meeting room environment alongside their distant colleagues. Older video wall conference systems attempt to mimic the experience of tele-immersion by matching room d├ęcors on both sides of the screen, but these flat, 2-D images fall short of creating a natural and realistic experience.

DVE has formed a strategic alliance with Christie Digital Systems to assist in the integration of Christie's industry-leading Mirage HD 3D projectors. The recently announced Mirage HD is based on 1080p DLP technology and delivers a true 120 frames per second image for stunning, high definition flicker-free active stereo.

"Using our state-of-the-art Mirage HD 3D projectors, DVE's technology will enable augmented reality visualization for telepresence as well as viewing of both volumetric 3-D and stereoscopic 3-D . The corporate presentational possibilities are endless, with the 10-foot-wide floating product and 3-D model visualization creating a new category in the immersive technology market space. We see a very bright future for this product, and are assisting DVE to bring this initiative to market as quickly as possible," according to Dave Fluegeman Vice President, Visual Environments at Christie Digital Systems.

The DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM mounts a single HD camera behind the projected images for an eye level perspective. The room can be used for telepresence communications as well as a 3-D visualization system for medical and engineering applications. The room can also serve as an impressive presentational room where memorable 3-D messages can be presented live or taped for training or sales presentations to clients. DVE also has designed the DVE Tele-Immersive Room based upon industry standards for telepresence so that older videoconferencing and telepresence rooms can participate in DVE's Tele-Immersion RoomTM experience.

DVE's entire line-up of telepresence products have all been designed to inter-operate, allowing the flexibility to create one-on-one personal conferencing systems, to midsize rooms, to the more expansive, fully-immersive DVE Tele-Immersion Room experience.

About DVE

Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. is the world's leader in True Telepresence conferencing. Traditional videoconferencing has been proven to be a poor communication medium, because of the unnatural and awkward experience it provides. DVE's patented technologies have transformed the mediocrity of common videoconferencing into an experience that truly simulates being there in person. This is achieved, in part, by optically concealed cameras behind the images on the display screens. Coupled with next generation hardware and software that provide true DVD and HD quality images, the experience finally fulfills the promise of quality videoconferencing. The overall experience is defined by DVE as "True Telepresence" and represents an entire new medium for human communication over a distance. DVE's technologies have been deployed around the globe by leaders in the entertainment industry, financial sector, healthcare, K-12, higher education, and major corporations. For additional Information call (949) 347-9166 or visit the DVE website at www.DVEtelepresence.com.

About Christie Digital Systems

Christie designs, builds and installs customized visual solutions to meet the most exacting visual requirements of organizations within energy, military training and simulation, manufacturing and design, pharmaceutical, aerospace, government agencies, and entertainment sectors. Christie sets the benchmark for high performance DLP projection systems used in 3D stereo, Virtual Reality as well as simulation environments.

Christie's unique DLP-based systems, innovative structures and simulation solutions are found in major corporations and commercial and defense applications worldwide. For more information about Christie and its diverse array of visual environments solutions, visit www.christiedigital.com.

About Telepresence World

Telepresence World 2007 is the landmark summit on telepresence, presence, and unified communications technologies that will be held at the University of San Diego in San Diego, CA, June 4th - 6th 2007. Telepresence World 2007 will bring together industry leaders, researchers, and end-users from around the world to experience, discuss, and compare telepresence solutions and technologies. The conference will include live demonstrations for conference delegates so they can experience the incredible life-like reality of this technology, which far surpasses anything of this nature previously available. For further information on the Telepresence World 2007 agenda, speakers, registration, and sponsors, see:

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