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The HPL Telepresence Whitepaper
Telepresence, Effective Visual Collaboration and the Future of Global Business at the Speed of Light
-by Howard S. Lichtman


SUMMARY -- Telepresence is a conferencing technology where participants feel as if they are in the same physical space. It is an entirely new visual collaboration paradigm with substantially greater end-user acceptance and usage than traditional videoconferencing. It is the ultimate disruptive technology with a substantial and proven Return-On-Investment (ROI) for the organizations that have deployed telepresence solutions to reduce travel, accelerate productivity, and improve distance learning. This paper provides the most complete examination to date of the emerging telepresence industry covering the solutions, applications, ROI, vendors, and future of telepresence.

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Powwow Virtual – The Lab´s Business Model for Publicly Available Telepresence. Powwow Virtual was recently covered in Broadband Properties Magazine and the Washington Business Journal (.pdf).
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Wainhouse Paper
Wainhouse Research Whitepaper
HSL collaborated with Ira Weinstein of Wainhouse Research on a whitepaper covering Emerging Technologies in Teleconferencing and Telepresence. Click here to get the whitepaper.