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Practice Director:
Andy Howard


HPL’s Video Call Center and Streaming Media practices are led by Andy Howard. A frequent speaker and highly regarded industry expert on streaming media, he also has done pioneering work in building one of the first video call centers designed to route video calls to the appropriate telemedi­cine specialist for one of the country’s best known health benefits providers. Additionally, he helped one of the world’s largest window and door manufacturers implement a video calling system for sales and service. Andy also has created streaming media and videoconferencing programs for Fortune 100 companies to enable the recording, archiving, and delivery of video content on any device.

Unlike many IT consultants who focus solely on technology, Human Productivity Lab takes a unique approach to its engagements. Technology plays an important role, but is only one piece of the puzzle. Video is a distinctive data type that is extremely impactful, but also requires behavioral changes throughout the organization. Therefore, we focus on the client’s requirements and how those requirements will be met through a combination of people, process, and technology.

Example Client Engagements

  • Architected a large scale webcast environment for one of the world’s leading professional services firms. This allows the firm to deliver Executive webcasts to over 50,000 associates and clients on both its internal network and the Internet. The solution utilizes their existing video conference infrastructure to initiate the video from multiple locations.
  • Developed a streaming infrastructure to deliver video to over 150 locations for a multi-national agriculture company. Working with a London-based partner, we provided an overview of the available technology and vendors, helped write the RFP, assisted with the vendor selection, and provided the framework for the implementation phase.
  • Advised an online auction technology provider on solutions to provide video streams of 10,000+ auctions per month, which increases revenue for the auction sites by an average of 40%. The key requirement was to have the stream delay be under two seconds. We helped the client choose vendors, customize the interface and workflow, and provide analytics on usage.

Consulting Methodology

While we can help clients at any stage in their deployment lifecycle, optimal results are achieved when we help the client end-to-end from requirements definition to implementation. The following is a typical methodology:

1.  Requirements Definition

    • Integration with existing communications tools
    • User experience design
    • Creation of success metrics

2. Technology Overview and Vendor Selection

    • Network assessment
    • System architecture (active directory/LDAP, storage, eCDNs, storage)
    • RFP creation
    • Vendor selection

3. Implementation

    • Create implementation plan
    • Project manage implementation
    • Internal marketing of the solution to increase utilization
    • Custom development (if required)

4. Post-implementation Review

    • Track and evaluate results
    • Create plan to increase utilization if goals are not being met
    • Plan for future phases