Visual Collaboration Consulting

Visual Collaboration Consulting

Why Visual Collaboration?

We describe our approach to the art and science of collaborating effectively using interactive video as: Visual Collaboration.  We seek to emphasize the word: Collaboration with as much, or more, focus as the word:  “Visual”.  Our approach is Productivity-Focused & Humanistic


Our strategy is to use visual collaboration to improve both organizational and personal productivity by accelerating human capital to the speed of light.  We seek to improve the rate at which information is created, shared, understood, evaluated, and acted upon within an organization.


While Productivity is our Middle Name, we always put the Human first.  Visual collaboration solutions that replicate humans’ innate preferences for inter-personal communications achieve a greater “end-user acceptance”.  Improved end-user acceptance increases usage which improves Return on Investment. Telepresence is the science and art of creating visual collaboration environments, networks, and strategies that duplicate in-person meeting experiences as closely as possible in both internal and external business communications. Effectively leveraging telepresence as an organizational and collaborative strategy can improve productivity and effectiveness by enhancing business communication, collaboration, and reducing physical travel.

How Can Human Productivity Lab Help Me?

The Human Productivity Lab provides visual collaboration consulting services for Fortune 500 and mid-size firms across a broad range of industry sectors. We approach every telepresence engagement exclusively from our client’s perspective, employing a vendor-neutral focus. With objective analysis, companies and enterprises get the right hardware, network, and services mix for their needs.

The Human Productivity Lab offers telepresence end-user firms and vendors a host of advisory services including RFP/RFI Development, Acquisition Consulting, Realistic ROI Modeling/Deployment Strategies, Vendor and Technology Assessments, Telepresence Solution Design, and Best Practice Assessments.

If your organization is interested in improving its visual collaboration capabilities then please call us at 512-828-7317, or email us at