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Telepresence Options is the world’s leading publication covering telepresence, videoconferencing, and visual collaboration. The brand includes: the flagship Telepresence Options website which hosts 35,000-60,000+ unique visitors a month from 190+ countries, the annual Telepresence Options Magazine, and the monthly Telepresence Options Telegraph newsletter.

Our original content and selection of the “Best of the Internet” is delivered globally using RSS, email, and syndicated by some of the most popular websites and Linked In groups for visual collaboration professionals including:, Telepresence Industry Professionals, and Immersive Telepresence to name a few.

Telepresence Catalog

Telepresence Options, the #1 website following telepresence and effective visual collaboration has launched the world’s most comprehensive on-line catalog of telepresence, videoconferencing, and unified communications solutions at The new website replaces the existing Solution Snapshot Catalog which is one of the most popular sections of the Telepresence Options website.

The new Telepresence and Videoconferencing Catalog breaks out technology solutions for visual collaboration into a variety of categories: Telepresence Stage and Podium Systems, Group Systems, Large Group Systems, Small Group Systems, Executive Systems, Telemedicine & Healthcare TP, Video Conference Systems, Video Network Infrastructure, Cameras and Codecs, Managed Services Provider, Inter-Networking Provider, TP and VC Exchange Services, Resellers and Integrators, Consultants, Recording, Streaming, and Archiving, Video Network Management, Public Telepresence and VC Rooms, Peripherals and Accessories, Telepresence Robotics, Virtual Reality CAVESs, Unified Communications, Desktop Conferencing, Webconferencing and Virtual Collaboration, Display Technologies, Publications, Conferences and Events.

Telepresence Industry Professionals (TIP)

Telepresence Industry Professionals (TIP) is the Lab’s telepresence industry association on Linked In which is now over 4000+ members! The group is a superb venue for discussion, networking, and industry news and information. There is a Jobs board for organizations looking for talent and for folks that are in the market for their next gig

Human Productivity Lab Channel on YouTube

On the Web, the Human Productivity Lab Channel on YouTube attracts hundreds of subscribers and has served over 1,500,000+ views of our posted video content.  Between the Human Productivity Lab and Telepresence Options websites, the Lab hosts over 30,000+ unique visitors per month from over 200+ countries around the world.

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