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Building Enterprise VNOC’s

Primary Area of Expertise

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Scott AllendeVaux was most recently CEO of video managed service provider Iformata Communications, sold to Silver Lake Sumeru’s AVI-SPL in 2012.  At Iformata, Allendevaux managed over 3500 telepresence and videoconferencing systems for Fortune 100 clients and built VNOC capabilities and video services programs for AT&T, TANDBERG, Siemens, and Cisco among others.  The company developed over 400 patent claims in the fields of process automation for enterprise video and dynamic workflow processes.  . Prior to Iformata, AllendeVaux was president of Destiny Conferencing, whose patent portfolio was licensed to Hewlett-Packard’s telepresence division, leading to the creation of Halo.  The company also created the Polycom RPX product line, eventually sold to Pleasanton-based Polycom in 2007.


AllendeVaux’s practice focuses on three areas:

  • Building internal VNOC service centres for enterprises;
  • Visual collaboration strategy, RFP generation and bid management;
  • Lecturing and speaking on visual collaboration.


Building Internal VNOC Services –  For enterprises wanting to build an internal communications service desk and delivery centre, AllendeVaux will lead the activities including planning, architectural selection and implementation, service desk setup, staff training, and service initiation.  He has done this for the largest of enterprises and service providers.


Visual Collaboration Strategy, RFP Generation and Bid Management – For organizations wanting to refresh a visual collaboration program and lower costs or improve capabilities, Mr AllendeVaux will create the RFP and manage the bid process, including all vendor conference calls and bidder questions.  He will also help to evaluate bid response.


Lecturing and Speaking– Mr AllendeVaux is a frequent speaker at international conferences, trade shows and events on the topic of visual collaboration.  Recent events include:  Amsterdam’s Integrated Systems Europe, Infocomm, and six additional private events in 2012.  He’s available as an engaging speaker on a variety of communication topics including: industry trends in managed services, the anthropology of communication technology, information intelligence in video management, the etymology of cloud services and communication, and other subjects by request.


Experience at a Glance

  •          Senior Vice-President, AVI-SPL (2012 to 2013) –  Assisted with acquisition & merger transition while serving as the company’s chief technology evangelist.
  •          Chief Executive Officer, Iformata Communications (2007 to 2012) – Reported to the board. Company was acquired by Silver Lake Sumaru’s AVI-SPL.
  •          President, Destiny Conferencing (2004 to 2007) –  Reported to the board – Company was acquired by Polycom.  Licensed patent portfolio to HP leading to HP Halo.
  •          Chief Information Officer, TeleSuite Corporation (1996 to 2004) –  Reported to the CEO.

Experience in Depth

AVI-SPL – Senior Vice President MSP Architecture (2012 to 2013)

Provided transitional services from the acquisition of Iformata business, technology and personnel into the AVI-SPL culture. Became a spokesperson for the company, traveling to eight tradeshows and giving speeches centered around emerging technologies with video managed services and unified communications. Presented large opportunities to key fortune 500 accounts. Relocated to London and helped to expand the company’s European efforts.


Iformata Communications – Chief Executive Officer (2007 to 2012) Acquired by AVI-SPL in 2012

Iformata was formerly founded in 2004; joined as CEO in 2007 after leaving Polycom.  The company was acquired by AVI-SPL in February 2012.  Key highlights:

  •          Hired and organized the technology teams that developed 457 patent claims over four years for the process automation of enterprise video and dynamic workflow processes. Set the vision for the product development group. The resulting product is now a cloud service called VNOC Symphony that powers the AVI-SPL managed services offering for partners and customers.
  •          Opened three additional international offices and setup the corporate structures with legal conformance requirements.
  •          Created channel relationships with partners to resell the cloud service, including some of the largest carriers and equipment manufacturers.  Expanded reach from Americas into Europe through channel relationships.


Destiny Conferencing – President (2004 to 2007).  Acquired by Polycom in 2007.

Built a telepresence manufacturing facility for architecting and manufacturing telepresence environments for 2-screen and 4-screen Polycom RPX systems (which Polycom resold but was manufactured by Destiny). Expanded patent portfolio. Licensed patent portfolio to Hewlett-Packard’s telepresence division leading to the creation of Halo. Established a VNOC services division and managed services processes, as well as Polycom RPX international installation teams.