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Rebekah AllendeVaux has spent her career building scalable VNOC programmesfor service providers and enterprises worldwide.  She founded Iformata Communications in 2004, which was sold to Silver Lake Sumeru’s AVI-SPL in 2012 becoming its managed services entity for partners, channels and customers worldwide.  Iformata built video service programmes for channels and their end customers, including AT&T, Siemens, Cisco, Polycom, and InterCall.  Under each of these channels were numerous Fortune 1000 companies whose users consumed enterprise video in mass, following workflow processes designed to make video reliable, easy to use, and repeatable.


Ms. AllendeVaux has authored 400+patent claims for different companies comprising video technologies for both methods and systems filings; she is fluid in grasping and assessing innovative technologies in the industry.


Now available as a consultant, Ms. AllendeVaux is focusing on three areas:  (a) building internal VNOC programmes for enterprises (insourcing); (b) overseeing RFP generation and bid management; (c) delivering VNOC services curriculum and training.


           1: Building Internal VNOC Services. For enterprises wanting to build an internal UC (media) service centre and delivery programme, Ms. AllendeVaux will oversee all activities including planning, architectural selection and implementation, service desk setup, staff training, and service initiation.  She has done this for the largest of enterprises and has vast experience at performing these duties.


           2: Overseeing RFP Generation and Bid Management. For enterprises looking to refresh their global video solution whilst lowering your costs, Ms. AllendeVaux will generate the RFP offering and manage the entire bid process, including managing the vendor conference calls, fielding bid questions, and assisting with response evaluations.


           3: VNOC Services Curriculum and Training.  For those wanting to train new hires to be proficient and well practised in a conference service capacity, or in a level 1 or 2 service desk role, Ms. AllendeVaux will provide on-site and off-site training.  She has substantial experience in doing this for service providers and Fortune 1000 enterprises.


Occupational Summary

AVI-SPL(RVP EMEA,February 2012 toApril 2013, London, United Kingdom).Rebekah AllendeVaux was responsible for developing new partners and customers in European and Asian markets, and as the former president of Iformata, provided transitional assistance from the acquisition of Iformata Communications into AVI-SPL.


Iformata Communications.  (Founder & President, 2004 to 2012).  Iformata was one of the top two managed services companies in the world.  Here are some highlights:

           • Created the industry concept of the conferencing playbook (runbook);

           • Coined the phrase “VNOC” and received copyright protection;

           • Established a product development group for process automation;

           • Opened offices in Asia, Europe and America with legal structures;

           • Built two 24×7 redundant VNOC facilities for channel branding;

           • Became the first Polycom back-office service organisation;

           • Became the first Tandberg/Cisco VNOC service offering;

           • Designed the global AT&T video programme;

           • Designed the global InterCall video programme;

           • Authored 400+ patent claims for conferencing workflow automation;

           • Developed level 1 and level 2 service desks programmes.